Zante Cruise

Zante Cruise

Zante cruise from Kefalonia

Shipwreck 09:40 – 10:20
Blue Caves 11:00 – 11:45
Alikanas 12:00 – 14:00
Blue Caves – Alikanas
RETURN 15:30

Swim  at the “ShipWreck” Beach. An impressive landscape, with crystal blue waters caressing this beautiful beach that embraces the semi covered remains of a ship. Visit Blue Caves, to enjoy the vivid colours of Zante coastline and lunch and swim at the port of Alykes. Zante is the 3 rd largest of the Ionian islands. It is an island with a rich cultural heritage. It is the island of Kalvos and Solomos, the island of Kadathes and Operettas. Also, it is one of the last reproductive grounds of the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle. Our cruise starts from Skala at 9 am. In about 40 minutes we reach cape Skinari with the homonymous light house, visible from Kefalonia at night. This is the closest point with Kefalonia (katelios 8 nM distance). From cape Skinari until the famous shipwreck the coastline is rocky, steep, and truly impressive.

 Ship Wreck

At about 10 am we reach the famous shipwreck. It is known worldwide and is almost synonymous with Zante. An impressive landscape, with crystal blue waters caressing this beautiful beach that embraces the semi covered remains of a ship and behind it a breathtaking escarpment, complete this magic scene. This beautiful beach maybe would have remained anonymous and unknown since there is no road to it, if during 1983, an abandoned smuggling merchant ship had not washed ashore.  The ship was full of illegal cigarettes and traveling from Bulgaria to Italy and was abandoned by its crew, which got away on a small speedboat that was aboard, to avoid being arrested by the authorities. The unmanned smuggling ship was drifted and washed out on this beach. Year after year the tide would bury it in the sand and the beach became known, advertised, and today is globally known and is the biggest sight on the island. Thousands of tourists visit it daily. Weather permitting, we will steer the ship to the sand, you will disembark, and have a chance to get a good look, take photos etc. You will stay on the beach for about 30 minutes. We will set off around 10:30 for the blue caves and we will arrive in about 20 minutes.

Castled Wall

About half way there you can see a castled wall. About 1100 years ago St. Andrews monastery was built there and the only thing remaining is this castled wall that protected it from the pirates. Just down the way, a strange cave with stalactites. The depth is about 70m. Large waves, especially during winter occur in this area and very often we can see seals and sea-lions and also near the light house.

Blue Caves

These caves were carved by the wild waves within the centuries that whip the irregular coastlines. They get their colour from the underwater seabed. The biggest cave has a length of 35m. Thousands of tourists visit it daily with small or large ships; yachts all drop by to admire this scenery. It’s time to stop for a swim near by the caves, for about 30 minutes. Crystal blue waters invite you to dive in and enjoy! Whoever likes can dive off the boat; the water is deep or you can use the waterslide.

Our next stop is Alykes

A small picturesque village with a sandy beach, water sports and restaurants for whoever wants to eat. We will stay here for about 2 hours.

Please be on time on the boat for the departure.

Return back to  Skala around 15:30


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