Devine tour

Devine tour

Tour Route:

DIVINO Winery - St. Andrew Monastery – St. Gerasimos Monastery – Melissani Lake (5 hours)

Departure from Argostoli

Argostoli has been the capital of the Kefalonia Region since 1757. It’s a modern city with a remarkable historical and cultural tradition. Amphitheatrically built around Koutavos Lagoon, Argostoli, overlooks the fir tree-covered mount Aenos.

3 kilometres from Argostoli, you’ll witness an astonishing and very rare geological phenomenon: Katavothres in Agii Theodori at Lassi are cracks – openings next to the sea, where the water enters and follows a long route crossing underground almost the entire island.

Passing by Lassi we continue through to one of the most beautiful villages of Kefalonia: Kourkoumelata

Visit Divino Winery

The first stop is at Divino Winery, where you can enjoy wine tasting and wander around the luscious vineyards.

Visit St Andrew’s Abbey

The monastery of St. Andrew is situated below the Venetian fortress of St. George (“Kastro”) at Peratata, a few kilometres away from Argostoli. Dating back to the Byzantine period, this beautiful old church was spared from the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. It features stunning frescos and an ecclesiastic museum, where the saint’s right leg is kept, among other exhibits.

St. Gerasimos Monastery
St. Gerasimos is the island’s patron saint and his relics are kept in the monastery’s smaller church in a silver sarcophagus which is open to the public during service. Set in the famous for its Robola vineyards, Omala valley, this is the island’s largest and most majestic monastery, with a splendid bell tower built in the Ionian islands’ vernacular architectural style. A small hole in the church floor leads down to an underground chamber where the saint lived as a hermit. As a sign of respect, visitors should ensure they wear suitable clothing for visiting the church – a sarong or a large scarf is ideal to cover up arms and legs.

Visit Melissani Lake

A short tour with a rowing boat in Melissani lake – a wonderful underground lake with majestic stalactites, where some kind of worship of God Pan took place in ancient times. When illuminated by the sun’s rays, the lake waters acquire sublime colourful reflections.

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